Scofflaw Brewing

Our History

Opening in July of 2016, Scofflaw Brewing Company was created by Matt Shirah and Brewmaster Travis Herman. They initially developed beers on a one-barrel system in the basement of the home of Shirah’s mother-in-law in Atlanta before opening an 18,000-square foot brewery nearby, where they self-installed their new equipment.

Shirah walked away from his role as a corporate turnaround executive to pursue his passion. “Travis and I are a couple of guys who are risking it all to brew beer. But we couldn’t do this without the guys who came before us. I don’t think the brewing pioneers from the 1980s and1990s get enough credit for what they did for craft beer.”

Microbiologist Herman left behind a career in the pharmaceutical development industry to attend brewing school at the University of California-Davis and has brewed for The Lost Abbey and Russian River Brewing. “We brew a lot of IPAs and stouts because that’s what we like to drink. I’d hate to walk into a bar where there was one of our beers on tap and not want to drink it.”


Travis and I are raising families as well as a brewery. While we’re serious about beer, we want to take the time to meet and engage the people drinking our beer as well as their families and to support others in the craft beer community