Best Up and Coming Breweries of 2016

IPA fans, meet Atlanta’s Scofflaw Brewing Co.
November 18, 2016
Class of 2016: 34 of the Best New Breweries in the US
January 15, 2017

Best Up and Coming Breweries of 2016

If you’re looking to establish a baseline of quality, as well as a pedigree in IPA that will make hardened beer geeks sit up and take notice, then there aren’t many ways better than hiring a former brewer from Russian River. That’s what Scofflaw Brewing did, and it’s no surprise that they’ve surged ahead in the Atlanta beer scene in 2016 to become the hyped new sensation. IPA tends to be the name of the game here, and they have a seemingly endless procession of them, nicely varied in style between drier, more bitter West Coast IPAs and even IPAs with a more significant than expected malt balance. Star of the show, though, are of course the juicier, Northeast-influenced IPAs, such as the brewery’s surging flagship beer, Basement IPA. Juicy, tropical and easy drinking, it looks to give Creature Comforts’ Tropicalia a serious run for its money in 2017 as the state’s most sought-after IPA. But before you write off Scofflaw as simply a new IPA factory, consider one more thing: The brewery’s best overall beer might be its winter seasonal coffee stout, Interrogation. And any brewery that can make outstanding examples of those two styles at the same time is deserving of a closer look. —Jim Vorel

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