Scofflaw brewery is a 18,000 square-foot production facility located in Atlanta’s Bolton neighborhood. It houses a customized four-vessel system brewhouse.

Vessel 1
The finest grain is selected and milled to a powder.

Vessel 2
The freshly ground grain is mixed with filtered hot water. Once mixed the grain begins to produce malt (sugar).

Vessel 3
The mixture of water and malt is transferred into vessel 3 leaving the ground grain behind. In vessel 3 the mixture is circulated in a whirlpool and heated. The heat is designed to sterilize the sugar (malt). During this process a variety of premium hops ranging in taste are added.

Vessel 4
Once the sugar is sterilized and the hops are added the beer is transported into the 4th vessel to begin the fermentation process which produces the best part...alcohol! In vessel 4 the beer is transferred into barrels that once held bourbon, tequila, or wine to enhance the flavor of the beer and give it an even smoother finish.

The Brewing Process

Once we have decided on the recipe and have the ingredients ready, the brewing process looks like this.


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