Our Beers

Our Beers


Shhh! Don’t ask about what was happening in the basement, where this juicy IPA was developed in our underground brewery… The beer that emerged pours a deep persimmon with fluffy khaki foam. The dank aroma emanating from this Basement is one of earthy tones, citrus and a hint of lemongrass all derived from Citra hops. It’s balanced with a pale malt body that carries hop aroma and flavor in every sip. There is a hint of alcohol heat on the way down for this hop-forward, Northeast-style IPA with characteristic unfiltered haze and a sweet finish. Beer geeks rejoice -- but you have to leave your parents’ basement to get it.


If you can pin down a Hooligan, it will pour a golden yellow with a fluffy white head that dissipates slowly and leaves behind lace evidence. Hooligan brings big tropical flavor from the Galaxy and Mosaic hops -- passion fruit, mango, and pineapple galore with just a hint of biscuit from pale malt. Including berry notes, the aroma keeps the hops forward. A full body and mild to moderate bitterness round out the finish. A complex and satisfying unfiltered beer experience unlike any other. An outlier – a Hooligan.


Double Jeopardy

It’s worth the risk to go for Double Jeopardy IPA. This complex and easy drinking imperial IPA pours a hazy golden orange with a fluffy, stark white foam that dissipates to moderate lacing -- proof of the crime of an empty glass. The aroma floods the senses with bright citrus and New World tropical flavors led by Simcoe hops. Double Jeopardy has a malty bite up front from caramel and pale malts followed by a resinous hoppy middle, then finishes with a lingering, bittersweet boozy tingle. This big and bold unfiltered IPA taunts you: Can you walk away without having another?


Westside IPA is our take on the West Coast IPA with an aroma of resinous piney hops up front, an inviting caramel malt backbone, and a boozy bite to boot. You can taste all the malt up front with a lingering pine and rolling citrus hop punch that measure on the Richter scale. Our West Coast brewer may have relocated to Georgia, but this beer shows his true California roots. We think it stacks up so flash a sign to your bartender and ask for a west-SI-EE-D.

Sneaky Wheat

Sneaky Wheat is an Imperial American Wheat. This big league wheat has the aroma of fresh wheat bread with some subdued notes of orange and a hint of spice. The taste bursts like fresh orange segments while finding that underhanded spice sneaking in the back door. The alcohol is concealed but don’t be fooled by this stealthy 8% ABV.

POG Basement

The defiled version of our original underground Scofflaw Beer, this fruited beverage pours a hazy golden orange with a bubbly white head that dissipates to leave lacy webbing. Out of the can rushes tropical notes of passion fruit and guava with a nice Citra hop backbone. Taste is tilted toward orange, but the passion fruit is still there in full force. Mild bitterness mixed with faint sweetness and soft carbonation give this one a medium body.