Are you over 21?
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If you’re interested in renting our taproom for a private event or bringing in a large group, please fill out this form so we can be sure to have space available and enough staff on hand to keep the beers flowing.

Yep! All ages are welcome in our taprooms.

Leashed pets are welcome on our patios and service animals may accompany their humans inside.

Yes. All of our taprooms are BYOfood and we often have food trucks available on weekends or during large sporting events on the jumbotron at our MacArthur taproom.

Each of our taprooms features a large patio because there’s nothing better than a fresh beer outside.

Sometimes! If you’re interested in learning more about playing at our taprooms, please contact here!

Not at this time, but all of our taprooms provide ready views of a production spaces. You might even catch a brewer at work while you enjoy a pint.

Yes! We try to have something for everyone in our taprooms. Visit our taproom pages to see what’s available.

Founded in 2021, IndieBrew offers best-in-class professionalization of certain core business functions for craft breweries—including accounting, human resources, marketing, and sales. IndieBrew seeks to establish long-term stability and continued growth for each IndieBrew brand, so these brands can remain independent and continue doing what matters most: telling their unique stories and creating their best products, rather than simply getting by. IndieBrew members currently include Scofflaw Brewing, Bearded Iris, and Neon Cowboy. For more info: