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From the basement to Basement—and beyond

What began as a passion project in 2014, housed in our founder’s mom’s basement, quickly outgrew those early dreams and became the award-winning Atlanta staple you know today. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve challenged ourselves. We’ve kept growing. We’ve worked hard. We’ve played hard. And we discovered that life is too short to drink boring beer or stay in one place.

stainless steel tanks in a brewery
3 beers are raised in a "cheers"

At Scofflaw, we make our own way

We forge our own path. Always have. Always will. Ready to come along and level up?

A rising tide lifts all goats

Talk the talk? No thanks. We’ll take action instead. Our community is how we became the brewery we are today. We’re honored to help build a better future through ongoing partnerships supporting The Giving Kitchen, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Surfrider Foundation, as well as partnerships to give back to our local schools, youth organizations, and high-impact community initiatives like Kulture City.

We're not just another brewery. We're a team of rebels with a cause, who believe that being a force for good is just as important as making great beer.