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Dr. Scofflaw's is our second taproom located at The Works in Upper Westside Atlanta. Grab all of our Scofflaw favorites plus limited release brews made on our 7 barrel system, used to create crazy one-off's.
In addition to fresh pours in our tasting room, we offer crowlers to go (limit one case or volume equivalent per customer). Tours of the facility upon request.


Basement IPA [IPA - American]

Rating:3/5 ABV:6.5 IBU:40.0
16.0Oz | 230.0 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 100 CAL | $3.50

This juicy IPA was developed in our “underground” basement brewery. Shh…don’t ask about what was happening in the basement, but the beer flows out of the tap a deep persimmon with fluffy khaki foam. The only dank aroma emanating from this basement is one of earthy tones, juicy citrus and a hint of lemongrass all derived from Citra hops. Basement IPA is balanced with a nice malty body that creates a sweet finish and developed hop notes in every sip. There is a hint of alcohol heat on the way down for this hop forward Northeast style IPA. Beer geeks rejoice but you have to leave your parent’s basement because for now Basement IPA is only at your local establishment.


POG Basement [IPA - Fruited]

Rating:3/5 ABV:6.5 IBU:45.0
16.0Oz | 240.0 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 100 CAL | $3.50

We add Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava juice to bring even more tropical fruit flavor to accentuate the Citra hops in the beer!


Basement Light [IPA - Session]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.0 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 160 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 60 CAL | $3.00

We took all of your favorite things about our Basement IPA and made them smaller. Citra Hops, 120 Calories, creamy mouthfeel. Basement - but make it Light!


Scofflaw Lager [Lager - American]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.2 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 170 CAL | $6.00 / 6.0Oz | 60 CAL | $3.00

This Scofflaw Lager is the perfect all day drinker. This is a crisp, light, and refreshing beer - perfectly easy drinking. Go ahead and pour yourself a pint, your taste buds will thank you!


F#[email protected] Cancer [IPA - American]

Rating:4/5 ABV:5.8 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 230 CAL | $7.00 / 6.0Oz | 90 CAL | $3.50

First brewed at Dr. Scofflaw's, this IPA honors our late partner, Scott Selig's, tenacious spirit with its bold hop expression. Scott's ingenuity created The Works and his memory inspires us to keep fighting the good fight. Proceeds support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. This time we made an IPA with Dank, tropical fruits, and mango from the Cashmere, Strata, and Cryo Pop-M hops in whirlpool and dry hopped with Simcoe, Idaho 7, and Mosaic.


Double Jeopardy [IPA - Imperial / Double]

Rating:3/5 ABV:10.0 IBU:55.0
6.0Oz | 150 CAL | $3.50 / 12.0Oz | 300 CAL | $7.00

It’s worth the risk to go for Double Jeopardy IPA. This complex and easy drinking imperial IPA pours a hazy golden orange with a fluffy, stark white foam that dissipates to moderate lacing -- proof of the crime of an empty glass. The aroma floods the senses with bright citrus and New World tropical flavors led by Simcoe hops. Double Jeopardy has a malty bite up front from caramel and pale malts followed by a resinous hoppy middle, then finishes with a lingering, bittersweet boozy tingle. This big and bold unfiltered IPA taunts you: Can you walk away without having another?


Dirty Beaches [Wheat Beer - American Pale Wheat]

Rating:3/5 ABV:6.3 IBU:45.0
16.0Oz | 250 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 90 CAL | $3.50 / 16.0Oz | 250 CAL | $

A spirited collab originally brewed with our friends at Victory Sandwich Bar, this tropical wheat brings waves of island hopping fruit aromas carried on a soft creamy body. No sand in this one—we promise.


R&D IPA #5 [IPA - New England / Hazy]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.8 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 230 CAL | $7.00 / 6.0Oz | 90 CAL | $3.50

A R&D IPA from Dr. Scofflaw's. This time we made a New England and Dank, tropical fruits, and mango from the Cashmere, Strata, and Cryo Pop-M hops.


Busted Lip!! [Sour - Fruited]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.7 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 170 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 90 CAL | $3.50


Sunshine Sour [Sour - Fruited]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.7 IBU:32.0
12.0Oz | 170 CAL | $6.25 / 6.0Oz | 90 CAL | $3.50

Life is too short for negativity and bad beer, so we created a crushable orange sour to brighten up your days. Afterall, we could all use a little happy juice.


Margarita Gose [Sour - Fruited Gose]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.0 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 150 CAL | $6.25 / 6.0Oz | 80 CAL | $3.50

Sour wheat ale brewed with coriander, sea salt, and lemon/orange peels fermented with fresh key lime. Sour, sweet, salty and lime-y. Margarita - but make it beer!


Neapolitan Milkshake Stout [Stout - Milk / Sweet]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.5 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 220 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 80 CAL | $3.25


Chocolate Porter [Porter - American]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.5 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 220 CAL | $7.00 / 6.0Oz | 80 CAL | $3.75

Chocolate Porter made with tons of Cocoa Nibs!


Homestyle [IPA - New England / Hazy]

Rating:4/5 ABV:6.0 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 240 CAL | $6.00 / 6.0Oz | 90 CAL | $3.00

This juicy single-hopped IPA is packed full of Mosaic.


Tunnel Vision [IPA - New England / Hazy]

Rating:4/5 ABV:6.8 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 270 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 100 CAL | $3.50

Focus, focus. This 6.8% IPA showcases a blurred-edge mouthfeel, multilayered juiciness of Mosaic and Citra, and a chewy, lemon starburst zing courtesy of El Dorado oil.


Attention Please! [IPA - Imperial / Double New England / Hazy]

Rating:4/5 ABV:8.2 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 250 CAL | $7.00 / 6.0Oz | 120 CAL | $3.50

Mic check, mic check. It's verbose, yet smooth, and always ready to have the last word. Attention Please!, our all Citra DIPA clocks in at a cool 8.2%.


Georgia Peach Hard Seltzer [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:5.0 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 120 CAL | $6.00 / 6.0Oz | 45 CAL | $3.00

Peach flavored hard seltzer


RanchWater [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.0 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 160 CAL | $6.00 / 6.0Oz | 60 CAL | $3.00

Take your taste buds to the wild west - west midtown that is. Inspired by the notoriously refreshing Southwestern cocktail and hand crafted by Atlanta outlaws, our Ranch Water is 100% agave nectar, key lime juice, and hard seltzer. At a light 80 calories and 4% ABV, you don’t have to feel guilty about treating yourself to this thirst quencher.


Mimosa [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:10.0 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 170 CAL | $6.00 / 6.0Oz | 80 CAL | $3.50

Not ready to crack open that first beer in the morning? Never fear, we created a breakfast beverage just for you! We added Orange Juice to our Original Harder Seltzer for the ultimate brunch escape.


Watermelon Agua Fresca [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.0 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 120 CAL | $6.50

Bright and lively, bubbling with electric refreshment from real watermelon juice, fresh-squeezed lime, and agave nectar.


Strawberry Sunrise [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.0 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 120 CAL | $6.50

With bright strawberry, orange, and pomegranate juices plus agave nectar. No regrets.


Spicy Paloma [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.0 IBU:0.0
12.0Oz | 120 CAL | $6.50

Whether you’re kicking off your night or taking it up a notch, be present with ruby grapefruit juice, fresh-squeezed lime, jalapeño, and agave nectar.


Mango Margarita [Hard Seltzer]

Rating:3/5 ABV:4.0 IBU:0.0
16.0Oz | 160 CAL | $6.50 / 6.0Oz | 60 CAL | $3.50

Ripe mango juice, fresh-squeezed lime, sea salt, and agave nectar transports you to endlessly invigorating possibilities.



12 oz. | 7.00$ / 6 oz. | 3.50$

Vodka, Concord Grape Juice, Ginger Ale


Flippin Margarita

12oz | 7.00$ / 6oz. | 3.50$

Flippin Bird Margarita


Pink Drink

12oz Can | 7.00$

Gin, Grapefruit Soda


Vodka Lime Soda

12oz Can | 7.00$

Flippin Bird Vodka, Lime, Soda

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